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In the last period, elastic bands of resistance are recommended for exercises at home.

Home sports are one of the most efficient and fast methods you can use. Even if you are motivated by yourself, you are exempt from paying the room subscription and nothing can stop you from moving, not even your free time.  In other words, you do the sports program as you please, and the weather conditions are no longer a hindrance.

These elastic rubber bands can complement your workouts. In other words, they can also become the main tools with which you can work your body muscles. These resistance bands become useful not only for the muscles but also for the development of the bones. Through the constructive tension that your muscles are subjected to, providing safe and efficient training programs.  For instance, these programs are even recommended by therapists for physical rehabilitation purposes. The elastic bands of resistance are found in a wide variety of types, lengths, and voltages.

As with weight training, resistance bands create a force with which muscles must work and contract. Above all, it stimulates muscle growth. Therefore as the band stretches, the tension increases, and the resistance the musculature opposes is increasing. That’s why doctors and physiotherapists say this is one of the safest ways to increase bone strength. It also helps prevent osteoporosis.

Elastic bands of resistance and their benefits

Adaptable for several levels of fitness

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find the perfect resistance bands for you. They are available in a variety of strengths, light, medium, and heavy. For instance to increase the challenge and to resist a higher voltage, you can use several bands at once.


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Price quality report

Resistance bands can be purchased individually or individually. But no matter which option you choose, they have a lower price compared to other fitness equipment.

Can be used in family exercises

You can combine the exercises you are used to with these tapes. Therefore you don’t have to learn a whole series of complicated exercises to get over your head. For instance, bands can replace the weights you use for biceps.

It works the whole body

The training with elastic bands of resistance is very versatile. That’s why you can work on all the major muscle groups. Step by step and as you use them, you will notice how the whole body begins to react positively to the exercises performed.

Does not take up space

Resistance bands are both light and small. So you didn’t have to think about storage space. Also, their use in the comfort of their own home does not imply an additional space in which to carry out your training.

Excellent for travelers

Because they are so light and small in size, they are an excellent way to transport them even on trips. Thus, you will not take breaks from your workouts, breaks that often make you feel guilty for not taking care of your body.

 I bring variety in your workouts

A new type of exercise is a challenge for your muscles. Therefore, adding resistance bands will be a plus for which your body will be grateful. For instance, you can alternate these bands with the exercises with weights and flexors, to avoid getting bored.

 Easy to use without a trainer

Often, a new type of exercise is recommended to be performed under the supervision of a trainer. In our case, the resistance bands can be used safely, on their own, without the risk of accidents.

Can be combined with other fitness equipment

Exercises that combine more accessories, become more efficient, and result faster. Therefore, using resistance bands together with a pair of dumbbells, or weights, for example, can be a great idea.

 9 exercises for strengthening the abdomen

Those who are beginners are sufficient to choose 5 types of exercises – two sets of 5-8 repetitions. For the advanced and expert, 7 types of exercises of 3 sets and 8 or 10 repetitions are recommended.

Raising hands to „T“ shape 

Raising hands to „T“ shape

Lunge with t-spine rotation

Lunge with t-spine rotation

Standing knee raises

Standing knee raises

Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches

„ T-squad“ on one leg

„T-squad“ on one leg

Side to side squat

Side to side squat

Spiderman Push up

Spiderman Push up

Banana roll

Banana roll

Side plank


Photo  Massy Arias

In conclusion, choose the elastic bands for your workouts. Surely the results will not be long-awaited!


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