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What is the scariest scenario when applying mascara? Or a few hours after you make-up? Eyes irritated, skin stained, eyelashes damaged or damaged. Makeup that does not last even two hours flawlessly? We analyze them all and give you fast and tested solutions.


If the eyelashes are not completely cleared, applying a new layer of mascara over the residues on the eyelashes will affect the makeup resistance. It is equally important to know that if you use a two-phase or oil-based makeup remover it will not support the mask layer immediately after clearing. In a short time, you will notice on the skin the pieces of mascara. So, no matter how tired you are in the evening, it completely clears your eyelashes.

Curved eyelashes

An undulator transforms any mascara into a perfect one for the effect of curved eyelashes. It can have disastrous effects if not used at the right time. That is, the bending of the eyelashes is always done before applying the mask. After applying the mask on the eyelashes, they become stiffer and the ripple breaks.

 Separation Eyelashes

Not only in the case of the thick but also the right, genes, sometimes it is extremely useful to separate them. Do not do this with the mascara brush you are currently using. Keep a brush from an older mask, which you clean very well with the help of makeup remover.

What kind of eyelashes do you have?

With thick or thin threads? You may not have thought about it until now, but it matters a lot the thickness of the threads when choosing the mask so that the makeup looks flawless. If you have thin eyelashes, you need a large, bulky brush. If you have thick eyelashes, choose an applicator with rare brushes.

Application technique

There are two essential steps for a perfect technique.
First, you need to apply from the roots to the tips (if you apply only on the risky tips to get the eyelids dirty). Second, the movement must be zigzagged. And, if you want a trick commonly used by makeup artists, for a dramatic effect, keep your eyes down and apply a layer over your eyelashes. Then look up and apply, as you usually do, on the inside. This way you wrap the wires around.

Thick layers

Wipe off the excess mask brush for optimum results. Two layers applied correctly look better and last longer than a single thick layer. This is the secret of the manicure’s resistance when applying nail polish. A single layer, thickly applied will also create a spider web effect. The eyelashes are glued and grouped into bouquets that you can very easily separate from the spare brush.

Too dry

Too high temperatures affect the formula. Do not keep the mask in the bath or in direct sunlight. The formula becomes too dry even if the validity period expires. Depending on how often you use it, after 3 months, the formula loses its qualities. But even if you use it 5 times in 6 months, air contact dries the formula. The outcome? Not only will your makeup not withstand, but in a few seconds, you can make an aggressive reaction in the eyeball.

The correct dosage

The narrow mouth of the mask tube is intended for the correct dosage of the mask. So you have no reason to reinsert the brush once removed. If you do this too often, too much air enters and the formula deteriorates faster. The creamy texture dries, is harder to apply and lasts less on the eyelashes.


Whether you are in a hurry or don’t have an applied technique, you can wake up with mask stains on the skin. Do not correct it immediately! In a few minutes, it will dry and you will be able to remove it with a dry ear stick. If you try to wipe immediately, you will spread the mask on the skin and you will have to resume the makeup and applying the foundation.

Lower eyelashes

For a day, light makeup, the lower eyelashes look great and without makeup. However, if you want to apply the mascara on them too, the likelihood of the mascara falling on the skin is higher. To postpone this as much as possible, after applying concealer, using a fine brush, apply a coat of powder. The difference will be huge!





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