Best Blush For Your Skin Tone

It seems that the right blush becomes essential to give a splash of color to the cheeks and finish the look. A well-chosen blush can highlight your features. Also to hide the small imperfections of the face and make your cheekbones look very sexy.

Best Blushes for a Natural Look

L’Oreal Paris Infaillible Blush Paint


This palette of makeup from L’Oreal is perfect for you if you are used to applying make-up frequently. It offers you not one, not two, but no less than 5 different assortments of blush, which you can select depending on the occasion and the outfit you will wear.

Each shade also has a distinct finish, so you can bet on a more transparent or matte version, depending on the undertone of your skin and the time of day. The product is a well-compacted powder, and after application, it will last a long time on the skin, without the need to do any retouches.

The consistency is very fine, so it blends effectively, without leaving the pores very visible. Also, the creamy texture allows you to take a large amount of product on the brush, to highlight the cheeks in a single application.

The included pigments are saturated and can be used for all skin undertones. Inside the lid, the box also has a rectangular mirror, with which you will be able to check your makeup when you are on the road.

Bourjois Joues


If you are interested in traditional cosmetics manufacturers, then you should choose Bourjois. What better way to honor the 150 years of activity of the company, if not to choose the product that made it famous – Bourjois blush.

Since its launch, this product has been praised for its special texture. It allows the release of very fine particles and even distribution on the skin, without unpleasantly highlighting the pores.

As a typology, it is a pressed powder, requiring application with a special brush. The good part is that you find a small applicator and a mirror integrated into the package. So all you have to do is retouch your makeup whenever the problem arises because you will be able to easily keep the container in your bag.

On the list of ingredients, you will notice bright microspheres, which give the skin a fresh look, with slightly pearly reflections. Each box sells a quantity of 2.5g of product, and the diversity of shades covers the needs for skin with a cold, warm or neutral undertone, being an edition with 10 different colors.

Maybelline BY Face Studio Blush


According to users, this blush from Maybelline is the best deal you can do in terms of blush. From here it would be understood that the cost-quality ratio is an advantageous one. Appearance supported by a large amount of product dosed – 6.5g.

As a texture, the powder is pressed. But it allows efficient blending if you use a brush applicator. The product includes natural minerals, so as not to cause irritation and to lightly cover the skin, without giving that crust or mask sensation. Also, there is no need to use successive layers. The result offers a natural warm shine, which also gives a fresh look to the skin.

It will work well with fluid foundations and transparent powder, slightly emphasizing the features. There are 4 different shades available, suitable for cold, warm, and neutral skin tones.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush 


It is already known that Max Factor products are considered among the best for non-professional makeup, especially since many can be purchased at quite convenient prices, but offering quality coverage and impeccable finish.

Creme Puff Blush eyeshadow compliments the day’s make-up excellently, being able to be applied in successive layers, depending on the intensity you want to obtain.

The medium to fine grain texture results from a “baked” formula (baked) and is based on very fine pigments. They are colored in multiple shades, which by blending manage to highlight and compliment the complexion.

The finish has an uncharged, natural look, and the skin feels clean, velvety to the touch, and can breathe properly. The product is recommended for all skin types and is delivered in the form of a slightly compacted powder, in a secure box. Each container weighs 1.5g and is sold at a price more than affordable for this quantity.

MAC Mineralize Blush – Petal Power


The packaging of the MAC blush is pleasant and has a transparent cover so that the color of the blush can be seen. It closes magnetically and you can take it with you in your bag without any worries. The amount of product is less than most blushes. It weighs only 3.2g but is pigmented and not at all dusty. So it will not be consumed quickly.

The color is gorgeous. The combination of pink, coral, and golden glitter makes it the perfect blush for summer but not only. It gives both cheeks color and shines and you don’t have to use an illuminator anymore. It looks great on light skin but tanned skin, it will look gorgeous. It’s a “must-have” and if you’re looking for blush you should try it.

The eyeshadow has a fine texture, is easy to apply and blends very well with the skin. It doesn’t look dusty on the cheeks at all and looks great. It’s a pretty natural blush but its intensity can be built. It’s extremely durable. It lasts all day without you having to reapply it.

Nars Powder Blush


Awarded at the 2012 Glammy Awards ceremony for the best luxury blush, Nars Powder Blush tempts with harmonious, intense shades, but with a natural look, which does not load and does not give a dusty look to the skin. The product contains micronized powder pigments. So it ensures a trouble-free application and a buildable formula.

The fine, silky texture of the eyeshadow is easy to harmonize, leaving a subtle gloss on the face and illuminating the features. The black packaging, refined and elegant, highlights the luxury of the brand.

The blush is applied with a large, fine brush, starting from the cheekbone, with circular movements, which will outline the highlighted area when you smile. Then sprinkle the rest of the product on the hairline, on the tip of the nose and the chin.

The main advantage of Nars Powder Blush is the wide range of shades, already famous, bright, and intense. Apply according to the instructions, they will give you a natural look. The diverse finish, from matte to pearly and shiny, guarantees that you will get the desired effect. The fine and silky texture is easy to apply and harmonize, a capital advantage of a gendered product.

If you want a durable, luxurious, and refined blush, in attractive shades and textures that highlight the features, Nars Powder Blush is a choice you should not miss.

Nyx Cosmetics Baked Blush


Nyx Cosmetic Baked Blush blush combines the fineness of the powder with the lush formula and quite a strong pigmentation, which will outline shades with a role in giving freshness and brightness to the face. The eyeshadow can be applied wet or dry, depending on how intense you want the final effect to be.

The fine, powdery texture of the eyeshadow can be fragile, but it ensures a pleasant, uniform application. The packaging with a bow-shaped detail has a delicate, feminine look that will not be overlooked.

Beautiful shades are always a positive point, and the availability in 12 color variants will not leave you indifferent. The low price is one of the most important positive points.

Blushing Blush Powder Blush Clinique


Blushing Blush Powder Blush Clinique has a silky formula, which is applied without problems and slides beautifully on the face, outlining the features. The blush is available in pleasant, bright shades, which give a slightly shiny finish, attractively sculpting the cheekbones.

The creamy and silky formula of Blushing Blush Powder Blush Clinique is easy to apply and leaves a feeling of comfort when applied. The packaging in shades of silver highlights the sophisticated character of the product. Also, the brush specially designed for a fine application is easy and practical to use.

The fine formula that beautifully outlines the features, does not irritate and does not load the skin, without drying it. Comfortable application and bright, beautiful finish support the purchase of Blushing Blush Powder Blush Clinique.

CHANEL Powder Blush


CHANEL Powder Blush temptation with beautiful shades and bright finish, which gives freshness to your skin. It is based on well-pronounced color pigments that outline a buildable texture and can be applied in several layers.

The fine, powdery texture of the blush offers a feeling of lush comfort when applied. The packaging in shades of black, sophisticated, and elegant, is already a Chanel trademark.

The strengths of the product: beautiful colors, bright finish, which beautifully accentuates the cheekbones, fine, silky texture, and buildable formula. All these leave a feeling of lush comfort when applied to support the purchase of CHANEL Powder Blush.

Lancôme Subtil Blush


Lancôme Subtil Blush tempts with its natural finish, which varies from natural to ultra-shiny. Having a fine and silky texture, it sits nicely on the face and has good resistance.

You will find Lancôme Subtil Blush in three variants: the classic one, with natural effect, Sheer, transparent and Shimmer, ultra-shiny. The product thus manages to reconcile all tastes and is suitable for all occasions. Contains ingredients that shape the beauty of the skin and sculpt the cheekbones.

The ability to reflect light will highlight your features. The resistance is satisfactory, the blush being kept in good condition on the face, throughout the day. In addition, it is easy to apply, the fine, silky texture stretching nicely, without loading the skin. The product is consistent enough, lasting quite a long time.

Blush Sleek Blush By 3


The Sleek Blush By 3 blush attracts attention with the formula that denotes finesse, a pleasant application, effect uniformity, and a triple color variant. High pigmentation will outline shades that do not remain anonymous.

The fine texture of the blush is easily applied, the blush is available in 8 variants, with shades that complement each other beautifully. The packaging in shades of black is made of durable plastic, equipped with a mirror that allows retouching during the day.

The most important advantage of the Sleek Blush By 3 blush is the availability in a large trio of 20 g. The three shades harmonize and are designed to outline various types of make-up. The pronounced pigmentation of the eyeshadow emphasizes colors that attract attention, but it needs lightness in an application so as not to lead to an overloaded make-up. Availability in different finishes, from matte to glossy, provides you with countless possibilities.

Clinique Quick Blush


Clinique Quick Blush eyeshadow allows a quick and practical application. He has a bright finish and a formula that easily adapts to all skin types.

The powder texture has a slightly creamy finish, applying without problems and leaving a feeling of comfort. The original design of the product, in shades of silver, denotes a sophisticated, refined character. The blush is sold in the upper part of the container, being impregnated in the brush by twisting it. The brush contains an antibacterial technology that turns into a guarantee of the health of your skin.

The most important advantage of Clinique Quick Blush is its original formula, which allows you to transport the product without worry. The beautiful shades and the bright finish complement the features. The natural effect is a factor worth considering. Antibacterial technology also guarantees skin health. In other words, it has good skin tolerance, a defining aspect of the brand.


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