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Clear Heels Sandals In Trend In 2020

Sandals with clear heel give you an original and non-conformist look. Both the straps and the heel can be transparent, and the effect obtained is very interesting.

They are a great way to upgrade any outfit. You can match them perfectly with casual summer dresses, but they also fit perfectly with your beach outfits.

How to wear clear heels sandals without your feet hurting?

Nothing is more delicate and does not express femininity more than a pair of clear heeled sandals. Of course, if you can walk on them for more than 10 minutes. If you are one of the women who love to wear clear heels sandals, but the pain in their feet often prevents them from opting for this type of footwear, here are some tricks that could help you in the fight with high heels.

1.Choose the appropriate size

The first step, very important, is to choose carefully the size of the shoes. It is possible that the size that usually suits you is not the size of the new brand from which you decided to buy a pair of clear heeled sandals. Also, take into account the shoe. Carefully analyze if the foot is good, otherwise, you will suffer when you start wearing them.

2. Use insoles

If you notice that after a while since you started wearing clear heels sandals, your soles start to hurt, you can resort to insoles to avoid the intense pain that may appear later.

3. Use the muscle exercises in your favor

Walking on heels can be made easier with warm-up exercises for the leg muscles. Stretch your legs periodically by lifting your toes out of the sitting position and walking in a pair of clear heels sandals will become easier.

4. Don’t brag too much when you walk

Small steps are the secret of many women who frequently walk on heels. Even if when you wear ballerinas or sneakers you are agile and take very big steps, think a little before doing this on heels. Take this aspect seriously, because you may even end up dislocating your ankle.

5. Use antiperspirant

It may help if you use an antiperspirant solution for the feet. Most of the time, walking is hampered by the feeling of dampness that leads to friction and so the blisters appear, which we can hardly stand for a few hours, wearing the same pair of shoes.


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