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Liquid Purple Lipstick In Trend In 2020

Lipstick is part of the cosmetics that are never missing from a woman’s makeup kit. In this article, we will focus on purple lipstick. I will tell you how to choose it and what are the best purple liquid lipstick shades.

If I were to start with the texture, the trends of recent years lean towards matte lipsticks. Shades that are much stronger and since it is harder to remove.

The formula is also a decisive factor. What you need to understand is that, unfortunately, endurance and hydration do not go hand in hand. The more skin nourishing the formula contains, the lower the transfer resistance factor, and the cosmetic product will require a constant application.

If you are wondering where to find a purple liquid lipstick shade at a good price, I have to add another important parameter – the undertone of the skin.  It is said that there are two major subtones, cold and warm, to which is added a wide range of intermediate tones. The color of the veins is often what helps us determine the type of skin undertone. Thus, purple liquid lipstick shades suit you like a glove if you have very light and cold skin, which can vary from shades of purple to magenta and burgundy. On the other hand, warm undertone requires their avoidance.

Trending Purple Liquid Lipstick Shades 2020

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How to easily apply liquid purple lipstick

We love them because they have an incredible intensity and long endurance. But they kind of bother us when we have to put on our lips. So I will give you some suggestions on how to apply liquid purple lipstick for a flawless look.

If I were to draw a parallel between liquid and normal lipstick, I would say that the first will always be much easier to use, thanks to the modern applicator that comes with it. But lack of skill or time will often prevent you from reaching perfection.

Therefore, I will tell you what are the essential secrets and tricks behind a pair of lips impeccably wrapped in liquid purple lipstick.

1. Lip preparation

It is the most important step in the makeup routine. I recommend that you perform a gentle exfoliation, either with a special product or based on a homemade recipe, to remove dead cells from the skin surface and guarantee a smooth and velvety appearance. Then apply a moisturizer. For example such as a lip balm with a fine and repairing texture. But do not use one with a dense formula, as it will prevent the liquid lipstick from sticking to the lips.

2. Applying liquid lipstick

Drawing the contour with the help of a lip pencil is essential for a perfect and long-lasting look. If you are afraid of the difference in shades between pencil and lipstick, you can opt for a universal, translucent version.

The easiest way to apply liquid purple lipstick is to use the tip of the applicator starting with the corners of the lips and continuing on the edges and in the center. Usually, being extremely pigmented, a single application is enough. But you can double the effect created if the texture is creamy.

What purple liquid lipsticks do you prefer?


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