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The Best Dior Lipsticks Which You Have To Try

The formula of lipstick must be packaged with a special innovation that ensures a uniform finish and a spectacular pigment. The particles in a lipstick should make it feel slightly grainy and velvety when you keep your lips together.

Why choose Dior lipstick?

Makeup products and techniques have become very important in a woman’s life over time. Ladies use makeup to highlight the positive features of the face, this being especially true for lipsticks. Dior lipsticks are distinguished by the variety of shades with which they are proposed. But also by the composition and texture of a high quality. Which blends perfectly with the lips of any woman.

The love for this Dior lipstick is unbridled. The texture is more matte. He is defined by an excellent and uniform finish. It is easily applied, has a creamy texture, and feels very moisturizing on the lips. The pigment is strong, the smell is similar to that of a vintage lipstick. Alsothe packaging is vintage. It fits perfectly with a strident make-up for an evening party or a club outing, or why not for a day’s work. It attracts attention and brightens the appearance of the skin, ensuring long-lasting resistance.

This lipstick has an extremely creamy and moisturizing formula, which is a good thing for our lips. It offers a long-lasting finish. Without accentuating the cracked lines of the lip or any defect. Due to the innovative powder and nourishing oils it contains. The coating is opaque and bold, and its ultra-cream effect makes the lips look satin. The shade is fabulous, as the name suggests and ensures the brightness and radiance of the skin.

This range of Dior lipsticks are extremely classic and offer a finish from satin to matte. The 999 Matte shade promises long-lasting comfort and the effect of sensual and incredible lips. The packaging is beautiful, Dior’s signature being present. This perfect red symbolizes the color of love . He has a creamy formula that slides and fixes easily. It is enriched with mango butter for revitalizing action and hyaluronic acid for the filling property, lip volume.

Packed in a thin tube, with the same luxurious hue and smell of roses. Dior Liquid lipstick has a creamy and comfortable formula to wear. It does not dry completely, which makes it much more comfortable on the lips than most lipsticks from other brands. The shade is a strawberry red with a satin finish. This formula combines pigment powders with oils to provide a creamy and highly pigmented liquid lipstick. Once applied, there is no immersion in the lip line. Which is a great advantage.

Dior Addict lipstick is packaged in a shiny, superbly encapsulated tube, on which is inscribed in silver a large “Dior” logo. The lipstick contains a classic design, with a flattened vomit. However, you can get a beautiful and precise application with a natural look that does not transfer easily.

Dior did not joke when he called the lipstick “natural cherry”.Due to the extremely natural shade that this lipstick offers. The texture is light as water, it does not clump even if you add more layers. It is easy to apply . He has an excellent pigmentation and a striking resemblance between lipstick and the bright color of cherries or a bright raspberry red. It does not dry even on dry lips and is remarkably comfortable. The applicator is small and fills the lips with precision. Offering a long-lasting shine and hydration.

In the case of this lipstick, the lips will become much brighter and shiny, offering a pure finish. It contains glittering particles, which sit evenly over the entire look. Rose BB is a natural color. Ideal for any day, especially in those where you want a look as natural as possible.


What lipsticks from Dior do you use? Which one is your favorite?


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