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The Best Eye and Eyebrow Products from NYX

If you are looking for the eye and eyebrow products, I recommend you go to Nyx Professional Makeup. Besides the fact that they are affordable, they also have good quality. Besides the fact that they are affordable, they also have good quality.

In today’s article, we will talk about the best eye and eyebrow products from Nyx Professional Makeup.

The Best Eye and Eyebrow Products from NYX



6 incredibly pigmented make-up, which will conquer you from the first touch! In this palette, you will find different textures, from matte to metallic or from pearl to pearl. Apply makeup over a makeup base in the shade of the eyelid or transparent. If you want to get a maximum intensity, apply them over a white base.

Inspired by the shades of sand on the east coast and epic sunsets, the NYX Professional Makeup Escape Artist palette contains 40 pigmented shades with matte, pearlescent, and intensely metallic finishes. Use your favorite shades and unleash your creativity to get the most spectacular makeup.

Your dreams can now come true with the Modern Dreamer palette. Discover, play, and experience the entire collection of 40 compact makeups available in different textures.  From warm and neutral shades to cool and vibrant shades. Also, each tone is surrounded by complementary colors for an intuitive application.

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Available in shades, the Jumbo pencil is the reliable dough when you want your makeup to vibrate, and the shades of makeup to be in their best shape. With a creamy texture, it will slide on your eyelid without creating any discomfort and will create the perfect foundation on which to build your creation. You can use lighter shades for day makeup and to highlight colorful tones, and for bold makeup you can try darker shades that will intensify the shade of makeup, they will adhere and last longer on your eyelids.

The eyebrow pencil is retractable and has an extremely thin tip. With its help, you can draw hairs, where they are naturally missing. Soft, easy to apply, and with a long resistance, the pencil defines your eyebrows precisely.
The opposite end has a special brush that allows fading and evening in the end and disciplines the scattered hairs.

NYX Professional Makeup Epic Wear Liquid Liner is the best eyeliner for long-lasting wear. Water and transfer-resistant, the product dries immediately and can be used on the face and body! It has a fine and flexible applicator, for amazing precision and easy application, from a simple make-up to dramatic graphic eyes.

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Highlight your eyebrows, giving them a beautiful shape! This pencil is perfect for eyebrow contouring, has 2 ends, retractable and at the other end has a toothbrush for arranging eyebrows. Fills, contours, and defines in a short time, where there are no hairs or are very rare. With the brush that has very thick brushes and although, brush the hairs in the direction of their growth.


What eye and eyebrow products do you use from Nyx Professional Makeup? 

What other products would you add to this list?


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