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The best mascara : Maybelline Lash Sensational vs. Too Faced Better Than Sex

A make-up is never complete without applying mascara to highlight your eyes. Only such a choice must be made carefully. You need to know if you need a product for volume, elongation, water-resistance, or a more atypical color. And in order not to make a wrong or inappropriate purchase, I thought I would make a comparison between 2 popular mascara. Specifically between Maybelline NY Lash Sensational Black vs. Too Faced Better Than Sex.

Maybelline NY Lash Sensational Black vs. Too Faced Better Than Sex

Are you looking for a new mascara, different from what you’ve had so far? It means you should try the Maybelline product. It manages to give an airy, fan-like look to your eyelashes. This is due to the much more liquid and fresh formula, given that the proportion of wax in the composition is lower.

This product is quite safe for your eyes, even if you are a more sensitive person or wear contact lenses. The color of this mascara is matte black. Considering the shape of the application brush (curved), your lashes will be much longer and with more volume. However, if you use multiple layers, it is possible for them to stick together.

  • The brush is made in a curved shape, for elongation.
  • The texture is more fluid, with a low wax content. This makes it easier to remove even with just water.
  • The color is intensely black, matte, which suits any outfit.
  • There is a risk that the lashes will stick to each other if you apply several layers.

If you are looking for a mascara with which to get more eyelash volume, you can opt for Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. This variant has a creamier texture, rich in collagen, which charges the lashes and makes them look richer. The application will be easy because the mascara has an hourglass type brush, which adapts to the shape of your eyelashes.

The product must be applied several times to obtain the desired result. The first time it separates the threads, defines them, and lengthens them, making them look barer. At a second application, it curves them and makes them look richer. It is black, so it is suitable for people who have open eyelashes and want to highlight them.

  • It is enriched with collagen, so it gives the eyelashes volume, curvature, and definition.
  • The hourglass-shaped brush makes the contents easy to apply.
  • The quantity-price ratio is an advantageous one.
  • It is a black mascara, so it is suitable for people with open eyelashes.
  • It is not a water-resistant product, so it is not suitable for the days when you go to the pool.


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