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Even if the big fashion retailers make efforts in the direction of sustainability through recycling programs, a wardrobe for rent can be the solution to many problems.

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Carrie Bradshaw once said something we won’t forget soon: “I like to have the money in sight, hang me in the closet.”

Carrie kept her word, but fortunately, she was just a fictional character with an impressive wardrobe. In the real world, I don’t think you can invest all your money on clothes. It is a realistic idea, but a wardrobe for rent can be a good alternative.

I guess you don’t want to take the quote seriously either. But you have to admit that fast fashion stores, which didn’t exist at the time of Sex and the City, end up tempting you enough to consume more than you would like.

Unfortunately, all this frenzy of accessible, but disposable, clothes is bad for us, but also for the environment.

100 billion clothes are produced annually. 50% of the fast-fashion pieces have a lifetime of only one year. After which they are thrown away. This business model encourages us to buy without thinking. Only if we really need or if we will actually wear what we buy.

At this rate, it is estimated that by 2050, 25% of the carbon footprint will be attributed to the fashion industry.

If the idea of a shared economy is spreading in more and more fields if we share a car with an unknown person with Uber, why don’t we share our wardrobe?

The idea of a wardrobe for rent is not a new one

It exists in different countries but people have not yet fully adapted. However, a study shows that in the near future, things will change. Half of those interviewed said they would use this idea. Among the reasons are the ease of adapting to the ever-changing trends and sustainability. Also, when you need an evening dress for a special event, which you know you will never wear, would it not be better and cheaper to rent it, instead of buying it?

In England, demand is starting to be quite high for such a service. Especially when it comes to designer pieces, which are normally sold at exorbitantly high prices.

The fashion industry is now dominated by bloggers and influencers. It wears an outfit only for an Instagram post and, somehow, makes us want the same thing. This would be possible, in a sustainable way, if we called for services such as a wardrobe for rent.

Think of the wardrobe for rent as an Airbnb for fashion. Or a room subscription, but for clothes. Think of the wardrobe for rent as an Airbnb for fashion. Or a room subscription, but for clothes. Shopping for rent will keep you up to date with the trends. It will also help the planet in this process!


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